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An Oath

"The Writing Wonders Organization is a global organization that’s student-led and is dedicated to putting a smile on everyone's face (especially elderly, children and healthcare workers) once they read the letters and artwork we can provide. We want to spread love and happiness wherever we go and ensure success and prosperity to everyone we encounter. We provide letters and artworks of hope and love to convey joy for those of all backgrounds."

Each of us aim to fulfill our mission statement in hopes of making a change in people's lives, especially during times of hardship and loss. We focus that our volunteers step up and take action in addition to ourselves to demonstrate how people can be kind and generous towards those they aren't familiar with.

About Us: Who We Are


Our Roots

Pink Roses


Co-Founder & Web Designer

Hi, I'm Sehr, a freshman college student in NYC! The reason I've decided to start up this organization is that I felt motivated to pursue further than I've ever done by reaching out to others and spreading joy through the little daily efforts. I decided that a convenient way to do so is by sending letters and artwork to organizations that would appreciate them the most. After some research and confidence, I decided to create this website in hopes for you (yes, you) to make a subtle impact on someone's life. Due to technology today, I've found that it'd be easier to do so digitally, whether it'd be by email or on a website. Furthermore, it is also safe as receiving letters during COVID-19 can be a hassle.

Purple Flowers



Hey I'm Izza, a freshman college student in NYC! I decided to join because of the incredible opportunity this platform is providing. We're all living through difficult times right now, and I recognize this website as a way to spread light during this time of darkness.

About Us: Meet the Team
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