Image by Artiom Vallat


The steps below list how to earn community service hours for your act of kindness. We encourage you to send artworks, messages, and letters even if you do not wish to earn community service hours. To be added to our volunteer list, please email us at Our community has grown quickly and we would like for you to be recognized as part of the Writing Wonders Organization.

We are an unofficial non-profit organization that hasn't registered as a "non-profit 501(c)(3) organization." This may complicate the validity of the community service hours if you are using it as proof for legal matters, however, it is perfectly okay if you are using it to earn hours for school.

Note: Please send your works to the corresponding organizations FIRST. THEN you email us proof of submission.



Go to the Organizations page and chose which organization you would like to support.


Once you've chosen your organization, create your letters and artworks. You can earn 20 hours max with our organization, so calculate your desired amount of community service hours. Make sure your letters/artwork have appropriate content. If you don't want community service hours you may ignore further steps and simply send your work to the respective organizations.


Take screenshots (preferably with a time stamp) of your work before submitting them to the organizations. This will verify what you did and how many hours you've earned.


After taking the screenshots, send them in ONE email as attachments and email them to We will get back to you shortly with your certificate including your name, the date, and the number of hours you committed to. We will also gladly verify your hours through a website or by signing.

Note: Please give us 2 weeks to 1 month to respond to your request.


Spread the word of Writing Wonders Organization! It would be very much appreciated if you help us gain more volunteers to spread kindness and joy to those in unfortunate circumstances.


Submitting a 1 paragraph message (5 Sentences): 15 minutes
Submitting a 4 paragraph message (20 sentences):1 hour
Submitting 1 quote (with designs): 30 minutes
Submitting 2 quotes (with designs): 1 hour
Submitting artwork (digital and drawn):  Varies (depends on the artist)
Submitting a slideshow (Google/Microsoft): 2 hours